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Your success is our success! Top Choice Recruiting wants to align the right people with the right positions so your business can produce at the level you expect. Our in-depth screening process matches a company with candidates based off of mutual qualifications, goals, culture, and schedule. We have a team of experienced recruiters ready to work with a company of any size armed with an index of candidates of all seniority levels from the following fields:

Information Technology: This is a field that is constantly growing, and all of our candidates are growing with it. These candidates have worked in Software Engineering, Python Development, Application Architecture, Security, and more.

Accounting and Finance: Get the right candidate to gather, review, and summarize your data so your business can operate with perfect information. Candidates in this field have worked as CFO's, Tax Accountants, Accounting Directors, Bookkeeping, Finance Managers and more.

Audit and Taxation: Our candidates will do more than watch the money fill your bank account; they will make sure your business is compliant, all of your accounts are in good standing, and your customer's are being processed. These candidates have worked as Tax Directors, Audit Seniors, Managing Partners, Director of Internal Audit, and more.

Legal: All of our candidates are articulative problem solvers that can steer your business in the right direction. Our cupboard of Legal candidates includes IT attorneys, Patent Attorneys, Paralegals, Corporate Attorneys, and more.

Health Care: With Covid spreading quickly, you will need a resource that can continually provide top quality candidates that are ready to work now. Our candidates have worked as Nurses, Radiology Techs, Pathologist, Pharmacy Technicians, and more.