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Direct Hire: Our in-depth screening process will get to know everything about your business so we can organize interviews with qualified candidates that will fit right into the culture you worked so hard to nurture. The more information you give us, the more likely you are to find a candidate that will grow with  your company.

Contract-to-hire: This gives you the chance to try someone out before they become a valued asset to your organization. These candidates are eager to prove that they belong with your company for the long term, and are available immediately.

Fields We Serve:

•IT (required of all candidates)






•Health Care

Why Should You Work with Top Choice Recruiting?

Because we get to know everybody. Both you and your potential candidates will go through the same in-depth screening process. This process will involve us learning about the qualifications you are looking for, the goals you are looking to achieve, the culture you have nurtured, and the schedule you will need this candidate to work. Just because a candidate has all of the right qualifications and degrees does not mean they will work well with your company. You need the right professional for your job and your culture, and they are in our network. Email us at 

Recruit@topchoicerecruiting.com to schedule your screening process.


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